In today’s economy, more and more Irish homeowners are increasing their home’s value by building extensions. Rathlugh Developments builds value into your home by designing, planning, and building high quality extensions that meets your exact living needs. No matter what the economic forecast, homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their property’s value. Building an extension on your home not only adds financial value, but also provides smart use of existing space, allowing you and your family a more comfortable way of living. Extensions tick another box too; removing the hassle and disruption involved with moving. Your current home could be ideal for you, except for one or two things. You’ve spent years in it and are comfortable with its every nook and cranny. You just wish you had an extra room or more space to use. Rathlugh Developments works with homeowners to design, plan and build high quality extensions that meet the homeowner’s needs, enhance the value of the property and allow your house to shine!


Properties, like anything else, show signs of wear and tear as the years roll on. Your living needs may change too and rather than selling up and moving, refurbishing could be a consideration to provide you with your ideal living situation. Renovating an existing property allows you to give your home a wonderful makeover, preserving much loved existing features, should you wish, while bringing the property firmly up to date with the best in modern architectural practices. These may be cost savers (especially with heating). Rathlugh Developments has extensive experience and expertise in refurbishing bother inner and outer aspects of homes to increase property value and create wonderful living environments.

Preserving an existing property through refurbishment can increase its value while also providing a wonderful living environment. Rathlugh Developments provides extensive refurbishment expertise (both exterior and interior) to build quality into your home.


Older homes bring with them many wonderful fittings and features and could be of historical significance. Homeowners who own these wonderful properties would understandably want to preserve as much of the original look and feel of the property as necessary, when embarking on a restoration project. Rathlugh Developments maintains a firm commitment to work considerately with older properties, and restore older homes to their original splendour with as little need as possible to replace old features and items with new. We are tireless in our sourcing of historical items to aid our restoration work. Restoring your older property allows you to prolong its life and gives you many added years to enjoy it, whilst also maintaining and enhancing its value.We start from a blank page. Working closely with our clients, we design, plan, and execute comprehensive builds that leave nothing to chance. Comprehensive architectural drawings, line-itemed budgets, and project schedules show our clients exactly what we will deliver, when, and for how much. Total transparency and value for money is part of our commitment and promise.